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Shaving Soaps and More

Let’s face it, over the years we have all been fed a bill of goods when it comes to shaving. Sacrificing our shaving soaps and more for convenience in our world of rush and haste.

Between the acceptance of canned shave cream and commercial gimmicks such as, “One blade pulls the whisker out, the second cuts it off”. Rubbing cream on our faces filled with propane, (yes the same propane used to heat many homes and fire backyard grills). While other chemicals found in these creams are advertised as safe, yet often lead to irritated skin with shave pimples and other rashes.

Highlands Lather is dedicated to bringing you Shave Soaps and other shave supplies created with natural oils in the fashion a Traditional Gentlemen would appreciate.

Shave Soaps & Bits

With the ever-growing list of things to avoid in the commercial market. Those cans of bottled shave cream have many ingredients on the list. From toxic and corrosive chemicals to a whole slew of 3 letter ingredients that easily absorbs into the skin. With names like DEA (diethanolamine) and MEA (monoethanolamine) with links to hormone disruption.

Getting back to a traditional wet shave using a natural glycerin shave soap will give a more comfortable close shave without the consistent worry about what you’re putting on your face.

Shaving Accessories

Of course, if you’re going to get into traditional wet shaving, you will also need the proper tools for the job. This is where understanding the difference between the different types of shave brushes is essential. In reality, it will come down to personal preference. Yet, you still owe it to yourself to feel the variance in lather and water load between a Boar, Badger, and Synthetic brush.

Shaving Soaps and More


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