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Original Handmade Soaps

High in Lauric, Oleic, and Linoleic fatty acids this soap is a moisturizing soap that will produce a bubbly lather. However, special care should be taken when storing this type of soap. Always remember to remove it from the shower after use. Being low in Palmitic and Stearic acids and high in the byproduct glycerin wet environments will most definitely shorten this soap’s lifespan. Always remember to allow this soap to dry in a good soap-saver dish.

Original Efoliation & Clay Soaps

Exfoliation and clay soaps are important for all skin types. However, These soaps should not be used to wash with daily. Most dermatologists say people over-exfoliate, suggesting to start slowly exfoliating bi-weekly and only increase the schedule if your skin tolerates it. Also, certain parts of the body benefit more from exfoliation than others, for example, the feet.

Original Soaps
Original Soap Properties

Original Soaps

This Original handmade soap is a good basic soap with its properties falling in the range of most handmade soaps. As noted in a survey conducted by Modern Soap Making.

Generally, this is a good soap that lathers well and last well when taken care of. This soap work well for most skin types especially people with balanced skin. However, people with oily skin might want to use it with caution due to its high Oleic content.

If you are accustomed to using handmade soaps without any problems these soaps should work well for you without any worries.

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