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Original Handmade Soaps

This balanced soap recipe aligns with the preferences of many handmade soap makers. It features a harmonious combination of Lauric, Oleic, and Linoleic fatty acids, resulting in a moisturizing soap with a luxurious lather. To prolong its lifespan, it’s recommended to remove the soap from the shower after each use and let it dry on a soap-saver dish. By doing so, you can prevent premature breakdown caused by lower levels of Palmitic and Stearic acids and higher glycerin content. With proper storage, this soap will maintain its quality and effectiveness over time.

Basic Soaps

Original Efoliation & Clay Soaps

Exfoliating and clay soaps play a significant role in skincare routines for all skin types. However, it’s important to note that these soaps should not be used on a daily basis. Dermatologists advise against excessive exfoliation and recommend starting with a bi-weekly exfoliation schedule, gradually increasing frequency if your skin tolerates it well. It’s also worth considering that specific areas of the body, such as the feet, may benefit more from regular exfoliation than others. Taking a balanced and mindful approach to exfoliation will help maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Exfoliating Soaps

Original Soaps
Original Soap Properties

Original Soaps

This recipe falls in line with what other soap makers aim for. According to a recent poll conducted among soap makers, it has been found to meet their preferences in terms of fatty acid balance, processing behavior, and shelf life. You can check out the poll results here: Modern Soap Making.

This soap is generally regarded as a high-quality option that offers good lathering and longevity with proper care. It is suitable for most skin types, particularly those with balanced skin. However, individuals with oily skin may want to use it with caution due to its higher Oleic content.

If you have experience using handmade soaps without any issues, you can confidently use these soaps without any concerns. They are formulated to provide a pleasant and effective cleansing experience for your skin.

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