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About Highlands Lather

Highlands Lather actually had its beginnings in late 2020. After I had to have surgery for a torn rotatory cuff. I had been out of work for a year on short-term disability and my shoulder wasn’t getting any better. After speaking with doctors, and more tests it became apparent I would need a second surgery. With a very good chance, I would never have the full use of my right arm again.

Growing up in Appalachia during the 1960s my parents had instilled a strong belief that there was nothing I couldn’t do if I set my mind to it. As well as a culture of being self-sufficient. In recent years you hear the phrase “It takes a village t raise a child”. Well, I grew up in one of those villages, with an extended family of Uncles and Aunts. Where the family grew or made most of their everyday necessities. From raising their own cattle, and growing their own vegetables to churning their own butter, and making their own soap.

Needless to say after forty years of doing construction work the prospect of not being able to continue in my profession was a bit of a shock. But reaching back into my upbringing the idea of Highlands Lather was born.

Then after a second surgery and the second year of physical therapy, I opened the doors of Highlands Lather LLC in Pikeville, North Carolina in January of 2022.

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