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Specialty Soaps

Our specialty soaps are a group all their own that don’t actually fall into any of the other categories we have. Even though they may have similar recipes, still there is something that sets them apart.

Wither it is the gentleness of the Castle Bar or the uniqueness of being a Beer Soap. While the moisturizing effects of Goats milk may be what sets another apart or even the fact that others are liquid soaps.

Beer Soaps

Beer soap is popular among those who enjoy trying new and unique skincare products, as well as among craft beer enthusiasts who appreciate the use of beer in non-traditional ways. Additionally, beer soap can make a great gift for those who love beer or natural skincare products.

However, despite its novelty factor, beer soap is a legitimate skincare product that offers a range of benefits, such as moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and can be a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine.

Goats Milk Soaps

Specialty Soaps

Long known for reducing skin inflammation, and soothing dry, damaged skin. Goat’s milk is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, B1, B6, B12, and E. While acting as a gentle exfoliator. It has alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin by breaking down the glue that holds dead skin cells together.

Rich in both saturated and unsaturated fats, Goat’s Milk Soap is ideal for soap production. The saturated fats work to increase the soap’s lather, producing an abundance of bubbles. While unsaturated fats provide the moisturizing and nourishing properties that goat’s milk is popularly known for.

Another benefit often attributed to goat milk soap is its gentle cleansing properties. As such, it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural lipids or healthy bacteria. Allowing your skin to maintain its natural microbiome. This works to improve the skin’s barrier against pathogens, potentially preventing various skin disorders

Scrubs Salts & More

The Scrubs, Salts & More section is a catch-all for products that do not fall into my other categories, yet don’t warrant a section all their own at this time. Due to this, the items here may seem mismatched. However, as more items are added addition sections may be added to the website.

Specialty Soaps


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