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Beard Care and More

With the growing popularity of beards, many manufacturers have begun to produce various produces for beard care and more. From oils and waxes to balms and butter. Where you are often left to wonder what is the difference or is it all just hype. Do you really need any of it?

Why Should I Use a Beard Oils

All around beard oils are most likely the best product you could use on a beard. And the longer a beard is grown the more it can benefit from a quality oil. As your natural sebum can help moisturize a short beard, yet as it grows longer the farther it grows from the source of natural body sebum. Allowing the beard to grow dry and brittle.

Another advantage of using a quality beard oil is the moisturizing effect on the skin to reduce itch as you begin to grow a beard. As well as reduce the chance of beardruff.

What is the Difference Between Beard Balms & Butter

While both butter and a balm are basically leave-in conditioners, balms are generally more of a styling conditioner. The addition of beeswax to beard balms creates a hold for unruly beards. Whereas butter is strictly a conditioner with little or no hold.

Mustache Waxes

Mustache Wax might just be the most misunderstood product on the beard market. Sure it is a must for anyone trying to train a handlebar, yet it does so much more to help the average mustache. From moisturizing that cookie duster to just keeping it out of your mouth. Let’s face it the number one reason men take the scissors to their mustache is that it gets in their mouth.

Oils, Balms & Butter

Every man and every beard is different. What works best for one guy may not be the personal preference of the next. However, there is at least one proven rule that is universal.

It’s never too soon to start using quality beard oil to ease the beard itch and condition the skin while softening your beard. Beyond that, each man should decide for himself what works best to tame his beard.

Beard Wash

Yeah I’m sure your tempted to say screw it, I’m just using my shampoo. Even thought you know deep down that beard is different than the hair on your head. You can easily feel the difference just running your fingers through them. If you really care about your beard, don’t you want the best for it?


Grooming and training a well-kept beard requires the right tools. Combs and brushes that don’t create static are a must. This is one of the reasons why so many claim a wood or bone comb is better than metal or plastic. Another is the small amount of oil both wood and bone absorb from the beard as they are used.

Beard Care and More


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