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Low Oleic Soaps
Low Oleic Soap
Properties of Soap Low in Oleic Acids

Low Oleic Soap

These low oleic soaps were created with oily skin in mind, however, it is not a treatment. Instead, it was created with the knowledge that Oleic heavy oils tend to clog the pores of the skin. A situation anyone with oily skin definitely doesn’t need.

Another fact of having oily skin is the natural production of excessive Oleic heavy sebum. Which is another reason additional Oleic fatty acids are not needed by this group.

Yet this soap still provides a non-drying clean by incorporating the nourishing Linoleic acid which does not clog pores.

Soaps Low in Oleic Acid

One of the major mistakes many people with oily skin make is trying to void their skin of oil. When in reality this triggers the skin to just increase sebum production even more. Creating a vicious cycle where they attempt to remove the extra oil and the body attempts to keep up.

Instead of removing the oils replace them with non-comedogenic oils to prevent clogging pores while also not signaling the body to produce more sebum.

Exfoliation & Clay Soaps

Dermatologists are quick to point out over exfoliation is a tremendous problem in the world of cosmetics and beauty care. However, if there is a skin type that can benefit from an occasional exfoliation it is people with oily skin. As the excess sebum continues to moisturize the dead skin cells allowing them to cling on long after their time. Often leading to a dull greasy complexion of worst clogged pores.

Soaps Low in Oleic Acids


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