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Specializing in handmade soaps the Highlands Lather store offers four distinct base recipes. Our original soap is a basic soap formula. With the fatty acid percentages falling into the normal range of most handmade soaps you will find.

Our second is the Low Oleic formula. A soap created with oily skin in mind. First of all, I want to stress this is soap and not medicated in any way. However, Oleic acids are known to be high on the comedogenic index. Meaning they are likely to clog pores. The last thing someone with oily skin needs.

Next on our list is our Linoleic soaps. A soap formulated with dry skin in mind. Again, we are not advertising this soap as a treatment in any way. But simply a formula that has a high percentage of the essential fatty acid Linoleic as well as Oleic. As both tend to have moisturizing properties.

And finally our Palmitic line. Which is another soap recipe not intended as a treatment of any kind. However, we did formulate this soap with aging skin in mind. As our skin loses the ability to produce Palmitic acid as we age. An acid essential to maintaining a healthy skin barrier and retaining moisture in the skin.

15 % Off Specials

If you love a deal, and who doesn’t, you will love checking out specials regularly. At least once a month we rearrange and list new specials in this section. So do make it a point to come to check us out often!

Seasonal Soaps

As the seasons change we all experience a shift in our moods and emotions. Why not make it fun? Whether it is a floral fragrance as spring blooms. The scent of Lemongrass chases away the mosquitoes of summer. Remembering autumn fragrance of pumpkin pies cooking for family gatherings. Or the crisp bite of pine filling your home at Christmas. Every season has a fragrance that you can look forward to and enjoy with Seasonal Soaps.

Highlands Lather Store


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