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Alum Shave Block with Case by Highlands Lather


Once an essential part of every man’s shave kit the alum shave block has become a forgotten toiletry.The Highlands Lather Alum Shave Block helps against razor burn and the irritations…

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Experience the timeless tradition of the Alum Shave Block, the ultimate antiseptic aftershave for a soothing and revitalizing post-shave experience. This iconic product traces its roots back to ancient Egypt. Where mineral salts were prized for their remarkable healing and antiseptic properties. Promoting skin health for thousands of years with the salts and minerals in their makeup. Providing unparalleled aftershave care.

Our Alum Shave Block is a testament to this ancient wisdom, expertly crafted to deliver exceptional results. When applied to freshly shaved skin, the mineral salts work actively to soothe irritation, calm razor burn, and promote the healing process. You’ll experience the immediate relief and comfort that this remarkable antiseptic provides.

With its simple and effective design, the Alum Shave Block is convenient to use. After rinsing off the shaving cream or soap, glide the block gently over your damp skin. Feel the gentle tightening sensation as the antiseptic properties take effect, leaving your skin refreshed and invigorated.

Not Just an Aftershave

The Alum Shave Block is not just an aftershave, but a versatile grooming tool. It can be used to address minor nicks and cuts, effectively stopping bleeding and preventing infection. Its antiseptic properties make it an essential addition to any shaving routine, providing an extra layer of protection and care.

Experience the time-tested benefits of the Alum Shave Block and discover the true meaning of aftershave perfection. Embrace the power of its antiseptic properties as it revitalizes and heals your skin. Elevate your shaving ritual with this classic, indispensable tool that has stood the test of time.

Make the Alum Shave Block an essential part of your grooming routine, and experience the unmatched benefits of this ancient antiseptic. Trust in its healing properties, enjoy the soothing aftershave experience. Reveling in the timeless elegance it brings to your daily shaving ritual.

Letting the Alum Block Guide You.

Basically, you can think of the alum block as a diagnostic tool. If you run it over your face and there’s only a minor sting, then you know that you’ve had a good shave with only a bit of irritation. Whereas, if you have an especially clumsy or lazy shave, you’ll know. It’ll sting quite a bit, which you can see as a lesson for you to slow down and take care of your face!

The Alum Shave Block with Case by Highlands Lather is 75 grams and comes in a convenient case for storage or travel.


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