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Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless (Green) Double Edge 10 Blades


These legendary Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless Double Edge Blades fit any standard DE razors and provide excellent shaves with clean and comfortable results.

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First introduced by King C Gillette in 1901, the revolutionary idea of a disposable blade became his first of many innovations to the shaving world. Get back to the basics with their double edge safety blades. A type of blade, so thin and strong MIT scientists of the era scoffed, claiming the blades would be impossible to forge. The Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, Green fit all standard safety razors.

Made of stainless steel to avoid rust and insure a long life. Designed to wear well in the wet environment of “wet” shaving. There is no need to sharpen or hone this blade just dispose of it in a razor bank and pop in a fresh one to keep your shave smooth and irritation-free.

The Gillette 7 o’clock Blade line of blades actually comes in four different styles. Marked by various box colors (black, blue, yellow) and manufactured in factories worldwide. These 7 o’clock Permasharp Stainless Steel blades come in a green box. Made in Solan, India. Considered the middle-of-the-road option in aggressiveness. Finding the right blade to fit your face and beard thickness is a really personal preference experience, so grab this box of 10 blades to give them a try.

  • Traditional double-edge razor blade
  • Constructed of stainless steel in Solan, India
  • Fits all standard DE razors

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