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Haryali London Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor


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The Haryali London Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor is a stainless steel twist-open style razor for double edge blades. Created in a robust yet minimalist design, this heavy razor feels substantial in your hand. Unlike the mass-marketed multiblade razors of today. Guaranteed not to clog with hair, needing to be replaced often, like those multi-blade razors.

While every razor out there competes to have the most blades stacked together, maybe it’s time to get back to basics! Let’s face it no one needs 5 blades to cut a hair. And not only that but with all those blades stacked so close together, all they do is clog. Way before the edge ever dulls. Just requiring you to change blades before you should have to and costs you more money!

Redefining the ease of using a safety razor, this double edge razor with a butterfly head translates both, style and efficacy in its character. An all-steel finish renders elegance and strength to the razor blade while the engraved metal grain and banded design on the grip serves the purpose and render style to the single-blade razor.

The 2.6-ounce precision-weighted design will do the work for you. Giving you no reason to add excessive pressure to get that clean, skin-close shave. Just short easy strokes to avoid that nasty skin irritation. While the knurled handle of this Haryali Double Edge Safety Razor provides a sure comfortable grip during your morning shave.

Razor comes with a 5 sample pack of double edge razor blades.

Consider upgrading your old shave soap dish and adding a can of Highlands Lather Shave Soap to this order!

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