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Handlebar Mustache

Mastering the Art of Growing a Legendary Handlebar Mustache

OK, so you’ve always admired the old-school handlebar mustache style but never really had any idea how to pull it off. Or had the patience to see it through… To be honest there are a few phases you will have to endure. But if you persevere, and weather the grief your better half may give, you can reap the rewards of a mustache Sam Elliot would be proud of.

First of all, I’m sure you are wondering how long is this going to take. Well, there really isn’t a set time frame, as it will differ from person to person. According to your starting point, of course. Someone starting from scratch will take more time and deal with more hassles than someone currently sporting a mustache of some sort.

Handlebar Mustache

The Phases You Have to Work Through

Now if you already have a mustache you’re ahead of the game! However, if your starting from scratch and just starting to grow that cookie duster there are a few pointers you will need to follow. First of all, with a new mustache, it’s probably going to itch. It is kind of a given, and this is where many give up before they even get started. Still, there are a few things that can get you through this stage.

Handlebar Mustache

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to blot my face dry instead of rubbing it dry. And this is especially true as you work through the itchy stage of growing a mustache!

Rubbing your face with a towel will remove the natural oils your skin produces. Which in effect is removing the body’s natural attempts to relieve the itching you’re experiencing. This oil also helps prevent the skin from drying out and flaking. Two things you definitely don’t want to happen.

In fact, it is a good idea at this point to find a comedogenic oil to treat the skin. Something that will nourish the skin, soften the sharp whiskers as they grow out, and not clog your pores causing an outbreak of acne. A quality preshave oil could be ideal. Another method of relieving the itching at this stage is to massage the skin with a stiff boar hair brush. This will increase blood flow to the skin and help exfoliate any flaking skin you may experience.

Dealing with Wild Mustache Hairs

As for those who have been sporting a mustache of some type for a while, Stop Trimming It! I know it will be irritating as it gets into everything you eat, and tickles your lips, but don’t it, leave those scissors in the drawer. Once this starts to bother you it’s time to get a mustache comb and start combing to the right and left respectively.

A good mustache wax can be a friend during this time as well, use it daily. While I know this can be a trying time, you can take heart in the fact that once you reach this step, it will only last a couple of weeks or so before the hairs grow long enough to begin staying in place.

Choosing and Applying Wax to a Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache

Generally, you will find mustache wax in either a regular/medium hold, a stronghold, or an extra strong hold. When trying to decide which is best for you there are a few things to consider. First how coarse are the hairs of your mustache and which style of handlebar mustache are you trying to achieve? Second just how much time are you willing to dedicate each morning to applying your mustache wax?

Basically mustache wax has two ingredients that affect the hold of the wax. The first is some type of wax, whether it is a plant-based, Beeswax, or petroleum-based wax. The second being pine rosin. Where the stronger the hold the higher the percentage of rosin it will contain and the more time you will need to apply it.

While you may be tempted to choose the strongest hold you can find this may not be the best choice. Unless you have an extremely coarse mustache that just will not behave or you are trying to enter some handlebar competition a medium to strong hold should be fine.

The first step in applying any mustache wax is to soften the wax either between your fingers or with a hair dryer then spread it through the hairs. While the wax is soft a comb may be used to distribute the wax evenly. However, use caution with stronger holding waxes as these will harden quicker and you risk breaking or pulling out mustache hairs.

Succeeding to Grow That Handlebar Mustache

Eventually one morning you will notice that even though you haven’t combed that monster yet. After you’ve spent the last couple of months fighting it every day. All of a sudden it’s generally laying in place. Maybe not perfect, but at least it is not tickling your nose or getting tangled in your toothbrush.

Congratulations, you’ve managed to train the beast! Now it is just a matter of managing your new Handlebar Mustache.

Handlebar Mustache

At this point, you will generally want to focus on adding wax to the outer tips of the mustache. Since your breath is around 98 degrees as you exhale any wax under your nostrils will never completely set or have much holding ability. Also when twisting the ends to curl them you want to form the curl back in towards the face.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that we can buy mustache wax in regular or medium hold as well as a strong and extra strong hold most of the time. I think my husband will probably need a strong one if he already grows his own mustache. It’s to make it easier for him to achieve the design that he has always had in mind which is why he is growing it in the first place.

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