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Cinnamon Beeswax Melts 2.5 oz.


Highlands Lather Cinnamon Beeswax Melts, relax as the room fills your home with the smell of warm cinnamon rolls and holiday nostalgia.

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Introducing our delightful Cinnamon Wax Melts. The perfect alternative for those who adore the captivating scent of candles but prefer a flame-free experience. Made with a blend of premium beeswax, nourishing coconut oil, and a heavenly fragrance. This wax melts will fill your space with the warm and inviting aroma of cinnamon.

Our Beeswax Melts, also known as Beeswax Tarts, Cinnamon Bees Wax Melts, or Cinnamon Beeswax Tarts. Offering a safe and convenient way to enjoy the soothing ambiance of scented candles. Simply place a wax melt in your favorite wax warmer, and let the enticing scent of cinnamon permeate the air. Creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room.

One of the unique benefits of our beeswax-based melts is the production of negative ions. Beeswax releases negative ions when heated, which can help neutralize pollutants and allergens in the air. As the cinnamon-scented wax slowly melts, it not only fills your space with its delightful fragrance but also contributes to a cleaner and fresher environment.

Crafted with Care

Crafted with care, our wax melts are designed to provide a long-lasting scent experience. The combination of beeswax and coconut oil ensures a slow and consistent release of fragrance. Allowing you to savor the enticing aroma of cinnamon for extended periods.

Indulge in the pleasure of our Wax Melts or Wax Tarts. Carefully handcrafted with the finest ingredients and attention to detail. The warm and comforting scent of cinnamon will create a welcoming ambiance, perfect for relaxation, entertaining, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility.

Experience the enchanting allure of our Cinnamon Beeswax Melts. Embrace the natural beauty and charm of beeswax, knowing that you’re choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Our wax melts offer the ideal solution for those seeking a flame-free alternative to scented candles, allowing you to enjoy the captivating aroma of cinnamon in a safe and convenient manner.

Transform your space into a haven of serenity with our Cinnamon Wax Melts. Immerse yourself in the inviting scent, the comforting warmth, and the natural beauty of beeswax. Discover the joy of our beeswax-based melts and elevate your sensory experience with our exquisite Cinnamon Beeswax Tarts.

About The Cinnamon Beeswax Melts

  • 2.5 oz. Cinnamon Beeswax Melts are Sectioned into six 1″ squares for easy use.
  • Fill the room with a blend known for opening congestion and supporting clear breathing
  • Using our Beeswax Melts are easy to use. Simply snap off as much as you desire, and place them in your wax melter.
  • Palm oil, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum, and paraben-free.
  • Beeswax produces negative ions when melted to help purify home air quality.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil

Fragrance: Cinnamon Fragrance Oils

Colorant: No colorant is added to any of our wax melts to avoid discoloring your melting dish or giving off possibly unwanted fumes

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